Ambient Weather WS-2080 Wireless Home Weather Station

Welcome to Ambient Weather's WS-2080 support webpage. We provide you with the latest updates to the User Manual, downloads, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support contact information.

Technical Support

Call: 480-283-1644 (M-F 8am to 4pm Arizona Time)
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WS-2080 User Manual
WS-2080A User Manual


Cumulus Web Publishing Software (including

Easy Weather Software (Zip file, Version 8.6)

Supports Windows 95/98/NT/2000/2003/ME/XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8 (32/64)

Weather Display (use the Fine Offset station type)
WeatherSnoop Mac Web Publishing Software (including
WeatherSnoop Lite Mac Web Publishing Software (including
Linux Web Publishing Software (fowsr) (use the Fine Offset station type)

No PC Required

Stribog Weather Station Software (use the Fine Offset station type)

Write your own software! Download the communication protocol below:
Communication Protocol, USB Data Logger
*Note - This zip file includes the communication protocol and an example c file for writing your own application. We do not provide support for this protocol.
The latest memory map is below:
Memory Map, Latest Version, with Calibration

Replacement Parts and Accessories

WS-2080 Replacement Parts
WS-2080 IP Weather Server
*Allows you to publish on the internet without a computer.

Hardware Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the WS-2080 backlight be programmed to stay on all of the time?
    No, the backlight is temporary only. The bulb would burn out eventually if left on all of the time.
  2. Can I shorten the sensor cables?
    Yes, but it will void your warranty. We recommend using the included zip ties to clean up the installation.
  3. Can I lengthen the sensor cables?
    Yes, they can be lengthened up to 50'. Please visit:
  4. The rain gauge is recording rain when it is not raining. How can I fix this?
    This occurs when the rain gauge vibrates due to high winds. Consider moving close the ground, on a stable mounting platform. You can extend the cables (see above).
  5. The humidity reads --
    The humidity measurement range is 10 to 99%. If the humidity reads below 10%, the console will display "--".
  6. The Daylight Savings Time (DST) does not set.
    There was an error in the manual previous to Version 1.3. Download the latest version of the User Manual.
  7. Is there an AC adaptor availabe for the console?
    No, not at the moment, but it will power from the USB port when connected to a computer.
  8. The remote sensor is not transmitting to the console (dashes on the display). How do I fix this issue?
  9. Please reference:
  10. My temperature is reading too high during the day. How do I fix this issue?
    The radiation shield is not effective in most climates. We recommend extending the cables to place the thermo-hygrometer in a shaded area, or ordering a SRS100LX radiation shield.
  11. The anemometer is freezing up during ice conditions? How can I prevent this?
    Use automotive lock de-icer spray, which can be purchased at most stores for about $1.00. Just apply two quick sprays (not much is needed).
  12. Will the rain gauge freeze during ice conditions?
    Yes, it will stop updating when it freezes, and will thaw when it warms up. The ice will not damage the rain gauge.
  13. Can I connect the weather station console to AC power?
    Yes. The console has a USB port, and if it is not in use (not connected to a computer), you can use the USB cable (included) and the following USB/AC adaptor:
    If the console is connected to a computer, the computer provides power and it is a non-issue.
  14. The rain gauge stopped reporting rain. It reads 0.00 after a rainfall.
    The most common issue is the console is displaying hourly rain (1hr) and it has not rained in the last hour. Next to the rain field, the increments of measure is displayed. Confirm it also reads 0.00 if you switch to 24hr, week, month or total (reference the rain section of the user manual). Confirm they do not read 0.00 for the longer increments of rain.

    The second most common issue is bugs nesting in the gauge. Make sure that there are no obstructions in the tipping mechanism. Lift the funnel off by pushing on the two tabs on the sides of the rain gauge. Check for obstructions, spider webs, ant debris, etc. Clean with a damp cloth. Spray with bug spray if required. Tip the mechanism to confirm it is registering on the display. Replace the funnel.

    Check the connector for corrosion. Clean with pencil eraser tip if any corrosion is present, then a damp cloth.

    If defective and within one year warranty, visit If out of warranty, visit: replace.
    We recommend replacing both the rain gauge and the thermo-hygrometer-transmitter, which processes this signal.
  15. Humidity reads 99% and wind speed is mostly 0. In addition, the Radio Controlled Clock does not work. There is an issue with the oscillator chip at higher voltages (mostly lithium batteries). The LED flashes every 8 seconds vs. 45 seconds is a symptom of this issue. It requires replacement of the thermo-hygrometer-transmitter. To get stated, please visit:
  16. There is a seven minute interruption in data every 2 hours. Is this normal? The transmitter receives the radio controlled clock time signal every two hours, than transmits this data to the reciever. It can take up to seven minutes to process this signal . During this period, weather data will not be updated.
  17. Indoor and Outdoor Temperature read 140 degF. This is caused by software corruption of the console memory, specifically the calibration constants. To correct, press and hold the UP arrow key for 30 seconds to restore to factory default.

Software Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There is a seperate page for EasyWeather FAQs:
    EasyWeather Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Does Virtual Weather Station work with this station?
    Sorry, not at the moment. There are no plans to support it.
  3. How to I register my station with Weather Underground?
    Visit: How do I register my station with Weather Underground?
    *Note - you will need to download Cumulus (free, for PC) or WeatherSnoop (for Mac) to upload to Weather Underground.
    With the Cumulus software, choose the Fine Offset option as the weather station type (choose Configuration | Stationfrom the menubar).
  4. EasyWeather is showing --- for absolute pressure. How can I fix this?
    Download the latest version of EasyWeather (above) which fixes this high altitude out of range issue.

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