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WS-1170 User Manual (updated 09/08/2010)
WS-1171 User Manual (updated 09/08/2010)
WS-1171A User Manual (updated 07/01/2013)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I can't seem to set the corrected (relative) pressure properly. I followed the instructions.
    The weather station defaults to 29.92 inHg, which is the average sea-level pressure around the world. If you want to correct it to a local airport (make sure the airport data is up to date - some airports only update once per hour on the internet), enter the SET mode and when the barometer flashes, press set again (the first setting is the default display units, the second setting is the relative pressure correction). These multiple settings for barometer confuses users. See the updated manual above.
  2. My forecast icon is not accurate. It does not reflect the current conditions.
    The forecast icon is a prediction based on rate of change of pressure, and requires some historical context to predict the weather conditions. Allow at least 72 hours for changes in pressure to take place. Please note that the forecast is only a prediction based on rising or falling pressure, and is considered an estimation 24-48 hours in advance, and is not accurate and is considered simply a tool to predict the weather.
    Also note that this is a prediction of future weather conditions and not a prediction of current weather conditions.
  3. The forecast icon does not appear to change.
    Reference the PRESSURE HISTORY graph on the display and make sure the pressure is changing as a function of time. If the graph is flat and remains flat, there may be an issue with the barometer. If there is change in the graph, you can change the Pressure threshold setpoint (as defined in the manual, in the Weather Icons section).

    The pressure threshold (the negative or positive rate of change of pressure signifying a change in the weather) can be adjusted by the user from level 2 to level 4 (default level 2).

    The lower the level pressure threshold setting, the higher sensitivity for weather forecast changes. Locations that experience frequent changes in air pressure require a higher setting compared to locations where the air pressure is typically stagnant.
  4. The forecast always shows Rain.
    It is possible that you have not properly calibrated the absolute (or sea-level calibration). The average pressure around the earth is 29.92 inHg. Pressures above this value are considered high pressure conditions, and pressures below this are considered low pressure conditions.

    To determine the relative pressure for your location, locate an official reporting station near you (the internet is the best source for real time barometer conditions, such as or, and set your weather station to match the official reporting station. Follow the instructions in the manual for the calibration procedure.
  5. Where is the SNOOZE/LIGHT button?
    It is on the top of the console, and is labeled Snooze/Light.
  6. The atomic (radio controlled) clock is not synchronizing.
    This does not always happen immediately. It may take several hours or days to receive the atomic clock signal from Bolder, CO. It recieves the signal from the outside thermo-hygrometer, so it is helpful if this sensor is placed outside. In the mean time, you can manually set the date and time. This device includes an accurate quartz clock.
  7. The remote sensor is not transmitting to the console (dashes on the display). How do I fix this issue?
    Please reference:
  8. The temperature on the display is reading incorrectly but the humidity is correct (when compared against the remote sensor).
    You have likely switched the outside reading from Temperature to Dewpoint (look for the icon above the temperature reading). To correct, Press SET key and dewpoint will begin flashing. Press the +key to switch from dewpoint to temperature.
  9. The Remote sensor transmit signal indicator flashes for a second and turns off. Is this normal?
    Yes, if it receives the signal, it will flash. If it is searching for the signal, it will stay on.
  10. The time did not change with the change from standard time to daylight savings time (DST). How do I fix this issue?
    Note that the DST setting must be turned on (regardless if you are currently observing standard time or daylight savings time). Users in Hawaii and Arizona are the only locations where DST should be turned off.
  11. What is the difference between the WWVB icon and the RCC icon? The WWVB icon is visible if the atomic time has been received from the outdoor sensor. The Radio Controlled Clock (RCC) icon is visible if it is searching for this signal. If it recieves the signal, the RCC icon will turn off and the WWVB icon will then be visible. When you first power up the console, it will update the outdoor temperature and humidity once, then search for this signal for a period of time. If it receives the signal, or you begin to program the unit, it will stop the search but periodically request the atomic time.