Welcome to Ambient Weather's AmbientCamHD support webpage. We provide you with the latest updates to the User Manual, downloads, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support contact information.

Technical Support

Call: 480-346-3398 (M-F 8am to 4pm Arizona Time)


User Manual



1. Plug in does not work in Google Chrome

A: Type the following into Google Chrome:


and then close and restart Chrome.

2. Plug in does not work on Apple Mac Sierra

A: Download the latest plugins here:

Plugins for Mac Sierra

Note: Safari may still ask you to upgrade the plugin after installation of the plug-in. Please ignore the upgrade message on the log-in interface, enter the username and password, and login to the camera.

3. Plug in does not work with Firefox

Firefox 52 disabled the NPAPI plugin, which are required for the AmbientCam and AmbientCamHD to work.

Please reference:

to allow the NPAPI plugin to work again.

4. I see a halo effect at night when IR is on.

A: You may be picking up reflectivity from the shield or a structure.
The front cover on the camera can be moved back. In some cases, depending on the lighting at night, if the camera's front cover is slid too far forward, the IR lights will reflect off the cameras front cover.

Try moving the shield back or removing the shield completely. This may not solve the issue but improve the image at night.