Windspeed Measurement Appears or Reads Low


This is a common complaint with all weather stations (from inexpensive hobbiest to high end professional weather stations). Sometimes the issue is the perception of the wind, and other times, the average windspeed is much lower than the highest wind gust. Most weather stations provide some form of averaging and provide a gust mode. Consult your user's manual for your weather station specifications in terms of measurement interval, averaging and gust modes of operation.

Over time, the bearings on the anemometer will fail. Visit for replacement parts.


Your windspeed may appear lower than actual if it is not installed in a clear, open area. The rule of thumb is 4x the distance of the height of the tallest obstruction.
For example, if you house is 20' tall and you install on a 5' pole:

Distance = 4 (20 - 5) = 60'

Thus, your weather station must be installed at least 60' from the house.


Wind Speed Perception

Our experience is one's perception of windspeed is usually higher than the actual windspeed. The only way to truly test your windspeed is with a calibrated source.
One method is to purchase a calibrated wind meter here
A crude method is to drive down the road in your automobile at a fixed speed for 10 minutes with the anemometer outside the window and the display inside the automobile and compare the measured windspeed with the speedometer.

The Beufort Scale is an informal method to identify the windspeed.

Warranty and Replacement

  1. If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer if it is in warranty (usually one year): Manufacturer Contact Information
    or contact Ambient Weather for out of warranty replacements:
  2. If it was purchased from Ambient Weather in the last 30 days or is manufacturered by Ambient Weather (1 year warranty), please visit Returns & Exchanges. The entire weather station does not have to be exchanged, just the defective part(s). For guidance, you can live chat here or call toll free 877-413-8800.
  3. If not covered by the Ambient Weather return or exchange policy, contact the manufacturer directly. Phone numbers are listed here.
  4. If the item is out of warranty, while at the, enter the part number of the transmitter in the Search by Keyword to locate the product.