I am experiencing high CPU utilization when running Virtual Weather Station


  1. Select Settings | Program Settings, and make sure the CPU Resources are set to Low.
  2. Select Internet | FTP General Settings, and set the FTP Priority to Normal or Below Normal.
  3. Select Internet | FTP General Settings, and set the Max CPU during FTP to Off.
  4. Select Communiction | Communication and increase the Communication rate (the default is 3.0 seconds, but if it is set too low, it will cause the computer to accesss the comport all of the time).
  5. If you are writing text files accross a network (reference Settings | File Settings) this can result in high CPU usage.
  6. If you are using a VantagePro or VantagePro2 and have selected to automatically start WeatherLink (reference Settings | WeatherLink automation) and the incorrect filepath is defined, this can result in high CPU usage. It is recommended you turn this schedule off.
  7. Update to the latest version of Virtual Weather Station. For the version history, please visit:
    Virtual Weather Station Version History
  8. If you are using the USB version of WeatherLink (Davis Vantage Pro, Vantage Pro2 or VantageVue model), this is normal. Davis requires VWS to cycle open and close the USB port to avoid communication loss. This requires additional CPU. You can change the software to emulate a serial connection, which is a better solution.
    A. Close Virtual Weather Station and WeatherLink software.
    B. Locate your WeatherLink directory (usually c:\WeatherLink) and locate the following driver directory: \WeatherLink\Support\Drivers\USB To UART Drivers 5.30
    C. Run CP210xVCPInstaller.exe. When completed, it will state "Ready to Use" and displays the Comport # (make a note of this). If this does not launch and you do not receive this message, proceed to Step 9. If this works, proceed to 8D.
    D. Lauch the WeatherLink software, and select Setup | Communications Port... Switch the Communictions option to Serial and select Auto Detect. It should recognize the comport displayed in Step 8C. Close WeatherLink.
    E. Launch Virtual Weather Station. Switch the weather station from Davis Vantage Pro/Pro2 (USB Interface) to Davis Vantage Pro/Pro2 (Serial Interface) and select the Communications Port in Step 8C. The default Baudrate is 19200. Close this window and you will be prompted to restart VWS.
  9. A. Close Virtual Weather Station and WeatherLink software.
    B. From Windows, select All Programs | WeatherLink | CP210X USB to Serial Converter and run this application. To determine the assigned comport, select Control Panel | System | Device Manager and (+) Ports (Com & LPT) and note the Comport # (make a note of this). Proceed to 8D. If this does not work (the application fails), proceed to Step 9C.
    C. From Windows, select Add or Remove Programs (in Windows7 and Vista, select Control Panel | Programs and Features). Look for Silicon Labs drivers and remove them all (anything related to Silicon Labs). Repeat Step 8A.
  10. If you have a Peet Bros weather station, switch from complete record mode to data logging mode. Complete record mode transfers large volumes of data.
  11. USB to serial converters will at times, cause huge jumps in CPU usage. Use a direct serial connection if possible.