Ambient Weather Rain Gauge reads 0.00 after rainfall.


This is usually a result of a clogged filter or insects nesting in the mechanism, or the thermo-hygrometer-transmitter connector needs cleaning.


  1. Disconnect the phone connector to the thermo-hygrometer-transmitter and clean the connectors with water and a q-tip.
  2. Remove the funnel by pressing the two compression tabs on the sides of the rain gauge to expose the tipping mechanism.
  3. Remove any bugs or spider webs that may be interfering with the tipping mechanism.
  4. Clean the rain gauge filter with a damp cloth and clean the tipping mechanism. Spray with bug spray to prevent future issues.
  5. Make sure the connector between the thermo-hygrometer-transmitter and the rain gauge is clean. Clean with cotton swab.
  6. If the unit has failed, we can replace the rain gauge under warranty. To get started, please visit:
  7. If out of warranty, you can order a replacement here: