When uploading to the internet using the Virtual Weather Station functionality, I receive the error "A File Error in an FTP function"


Virtual Weather Station's FTP function was not able to send the file to FTP server. This can be a host of issues, including (a) specifying an incorrect local drive or incorrect FTP server drive, (b) a timeout due to a poor internet connection, excessive server traffic, or (c) lack of webspace.


  1. Incorrect Local Drive. Make sure that the local drive you have specified in the Virtual Weather Station FTP function exists and the file exists.
  2. Incorrect FTP Server Drive. Make sure the FTP server drive you have specified in the VIrtual Weather Station FTP function exists.
  3. You may have limited webspace on your server. Contact your local web hosting service to increase this webspace or try deleting some files and determine if the error continues (if you do not delete enough webspace, the error will come back).
  4. The FTP operation may be timing out. To speed up the FTP operations and reduce the server timeouts, select Internet | General FTP Settings, and Max CPU during FTP and set the FTP priority to Highest.
  5. If the problem is intermittant, contact your hosting service and request they monitor your traffic to determine why the FTP uploads are failing.